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Director: Peter Webber, Main Cast: Matthew FoxTommy Lee Jones

Historical film, or at least based on true events, about the American occupation of Japan right after the end of World War II and how they dealt with its emperor, Hirohito. General Fellers (Fox) is tasked by General MacArthur (Jones) to investigate and determine if Hirohito is a war criminal and should be executed as such. His job is facilitated by his knowledge of the Japanese culture, due to his love affair with Aya, a woman Fellers met in college and than stayed with in Japan before the war. However he seems more focused, at times, on his frantic search of Aya, hoping against hope she survived the destruction caused by the war. We get glimpses of political maneuvering on both American and Japanese side, which would have made a more intriguing plot if developed, but mostly we are drowned in the self-righteousness of the protagonist, which is uninteresting and stale. Fox does his best and he is a good fit for the character, Jones brings his usual energy to his performance but it is not enough to save the film. Insipid —5/10

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