Sound & Motion Pictures: TV shows nostalgia 3

Here’s my third foray down memory lane, it’s time for the glam eighties! There are so many TV shows from that decade that I watched and liked but the following are the ones I consider most iconic. As usual they are listed in chronological order.

Magnum P.I. – theme by Ian Freebairn-Smith, Mike Post, Pete Carpenter (1980)

Mustachioed, manly Tom Selleck driving a Ferrari and helping people in Hawaii… what’s not to like?!


Hill Street Blues – theme by Mike Post (1981)

The daily life of a police department with its ups and downs. Quirky, relatable characters and interesting stories made for a solid, quality procedural cop show.


Fame – Fame, Irene Cara (1982)

“You got big dreams, you want fame? … Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying. With sweat.” Lydia Grant is not kidding and all the students at the NYC High School for the Performing Arts know it.


Knight Rider  – theme by Stu Philips and Glen A. Larson (1982)

An A.I. on a car that helps the hero fighting for justice… how cool was that!


Miami Vice – theme by Jan Hammer (1984)

Another manly man on a Ferrari, no wait… two of them, and in Armani suits, fighting crime… even better! Bonus: an alligator as a pet on a sailing boat.


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5 responses to “Sound & Motion Pictures: TV shows nostalgia 3

  1. Jay

    Fun post! I have never seen a single epsidoe of any of those shows, and yet I still know what they are.

  2. I love your picks! I had such a crush on Tom Selleck and I loved Kit in Knight Rider!

  3. Awesome picks! I love every one of those shows.

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