The Butler

Director: Lee Daniels, Main Cast: Forest WhitakerOprah Winfrey, David Oyelowo

The riveting story of the afro-americans and the Civil Rights Movement from the twenties until Obama’s time through the eyes of a domestic servant who becomes one of the butlers at the White House in the fifties. Well acted and with a good pace, it shows the ordinary life of an ordinary man (but maybe not so ordinary… as Daniels hints more than once) in contrast with the actions and decisions of the men he served (nice gallery of US Presidents, kudos to John Cusack for his Nixon). The end is too sugar-coated though, it would have been perfect if  the end credits started after he landed in jail for protesting against the Apartheid. —7/10

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One response to “The Butler

  1. Really? A 7? This movie never takes a risk in its overlong 120 minutes: all Democratic presidents are good (no mention of JFK’s questionable first two years, nor of LBJ’s failures in Vietnam), all Republicans are bad (except for Reagan, who is too well-respected by the current US public to be criticised), everything is so predictable and liberal, it makes Aaron Sorkin look like a paragon of critical thinking. I agree with the good acting (though my favourite has to be Alan Rickman’s Reagan), and the story is one worth telling (the change in social conditions of a huge population in one lifetime), but it could have been SO much better….

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