Four Rooms

Directors:Allison AndersAlexandre RockwellRobert RodriguezQuentin Tarantino; Main Cast: Tim RothJennifer BealsAntonio BanderasQuentin Tarantino

Four different episodes, four different directors, one hotel and one protagonist: Ted the bellboy (Roth). A mix of surrealism and general weirdness with a touch of Tarantino’s style. Ted, as the only staff member on duty on New Year’s Eve, has to tend to the needs of the hotel’s guests by himself, he ends up meeting really peculiar people and satisfying very strange requests. We will meet a covenant of witches, a rather kinky couple, unruly children and a movie star with his entourage. You might feel the diverse hands on the helm for each episode but there is no feeling of disconnection. Roth is brilliant and all the supporting cast is spot-on, special kudos to Tarantino and Banderas. Particular. —6.5/10

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