Death Comes To Pemberley (TV mini-series)

Main Cast: Matthew RhysAnna Maxwell MartinMatthew GoodeTrevor EveJenna ColemanTom Ward;


Have you ever wondered what happens to Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy after they get married? Well, this is the TV adaptation of P.D. James’ take on it. It is less about proper manners in polite society and witty exchanges and more about a murder mystery. Wickham is yet again up to no good and the shades of Pemberley are at risk to be thus polluted…Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship is put to the test but all will end well. There are few minor flaws: some anachronistic details and some dialogues that are a bit out of character; however the three episodes are quite enjoyable and entertaining. The cast is very good, bringing their own interpretation of the characters, costumes and settings are splendid, Pemberley in particular. If you love these kind of forays into “Austenland” I also suggest Lost in Austen. Charming —7.5/10

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