Inside Llewyn Davis

Directors:  Ethan CoenJoel Coen, Main Cast: Oscar IsaacCarey MulliganJohn GoodmanJustin TimberlakeGarrett Hedlund

I’m quite partial to movies about music and I just love the Coen brothers, so this film had all the premises for a great treat. It doesn’t disappoint at all: it tells the story of a down-on-luck folk musician, Llewyn Davis, in New York, in the sixties. We follow him around for a few days while he tries to make a living with his music and everything that can go wrong does. He’s so broke that he sleeps on the couch of friends and acquaintances, he makes a mess or find himself in one at every turn, even when he finally decides to give up and go back to a regular job. Lot of humor, sometimes dark humor as it is the Coens’ wont, few memorable secondary characters (e.g. Johnny Five and Roland Turner) and a bittersweet story with a pretty darn good soundtrack. Impressive. —8.5/10

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