Behind the Candelabra

Director: Steven Soderbergh, Main Cast: Matt DamonMichael DouglasRob LoweDan Aykroyd

It’s the story of the turbulent relationship  between an aged Liberace and a much younger man, Scott Thorson. It is based on the latter’s autobiographical novel: all the glitter and glamour of fame and money, living the life in Las Vegas as, basically, a boy toy. It is a honest telling showing both lights and shadows of Scott’s life with Liberace. Michael Douglas does a pretty impressive job as Liberace, he’s also helped by the outrageous costumes and setting. Matt Damon is quite good, though he lacks the ability for a truly nuanced performance. The use of bright, happy colours for the first part of the film and then a more subdue light is spot on, a trademark of Soderbergh, to get the audience more involved in the story.  Enjoyable and unconventional. —7.5/10

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