Director: Neill Blomkamp, Main Cast: Matt DamonJodie FosterAlice BragaSharlto CopleyDiego Luna

So glad I didn’t waste my money on a cinema ticket for this! Imagine Earth a little bit more than a century from now when everything’s gone south: climate change, overpopulation, the GOP gets its way about public health care and cuts welfare to the bone, the gap between the wealthy and the poor is unbelievably  wide…and the 1%ers are living the life on a space station called Elysium (not so subtle reference). Our hero is born in the gutter but he can see the stars, so to speak, he wants to be rich and live in a macmansion on Elysium….the American dream in a nutshell. Again probably in other hands the story of this dystopian future might have been interesting, instead we get an awful mash-up of sci-fi classics references (Aliens, 1997 Escape from New York, Robocop, Johnny Mnemonic) and some from the more recent past (Repo Men, Equilibrium) and very boring, cookie cutter characters. Really not worth your time. –4/10

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