Director: Cate Shortland, Main Cast:  Saskia RosendahlKai-Peter MalinaNele Trebs

Hitler is dead and the Third Reich has collapsed, 15-year-old Lore and her younger siblings (including 7 months old Peter) has been left to fend for themselves by their parents: an SS officer directly involved in the Holocaust and his proud wife. They embark in a long trip on foot through the different sectors of Germany, controlled by the Allies, to reach their grandmother’s house in Hamburg. Along the way they meet Thomas, a young man who is trying as well to survive the aftermath of the war. He helps them and care for them but this will force Lore to come to terms with all the Nazi propaganda she has been fed since childhood. It is a story about the loss of innocence from a rather unusual and interesting point of view, films that tell stories about WWII from the “losing” side perspective, either German, Italian or Japanese, are quite rare. The two young leads are very convincing and Cate Shortland uses very skillfully images and an almost complete absence of a musical score to convey the feeling of loss and abandonment. If you like her style you should watch “Somersault“.   —7.5/10

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