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2 Guns

Director: Baltasar Kormákur, Main Cast: Denzel WashingtonMark Wahlberg

It begins like a regular story about crooks: two mid-level criminals pull a heist at a small bank, they are after the security boxes. However we find out that one is a DEA agent and the other works for the Navy’s intelligence…the plot already thickens but, apparently, it is not enough, the CIA is also involved doing the dirt with all the drug cartels in Mexico. Everything that could go wrong for our heros will and the proverbial shit hits the fan, unfortunately for the viewers nothing is really new and it is very boring. Both Washington and Wahlberg are doing bidimensional characters and they are not making any efforts. The support acting is so cliched that it seems a bunch of caricatures. Compared to this film Walker Texas Ranger is like a shakespearean play. Trite and dull. —2/10

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