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Sound & Motion Pictures: TV-shows titles part 1

In this third post of my series on music and motion pictures I’d like to focus on TV-shows titles. However I need to split it in two since, well, there are so many and the quality is outstanding. The following ones are my favorite TV-show intros combined with a song that has vocals.

1. True Detectives – Far From Any Road, The Handsome Family (2003)

The graphics are stunning and the song is the perfect complement.

2. True Blood – Bad Things, Jace Everett (2005)

A promise of good (naughty) things to come with a Louisiana small town flavour.

3. The Wire, Way Down In The Hole, Tom Waits (1987)

I like the fact that a different version is used for each season: The Blind Boys of Alabama (1), Tom Waits (2), The Neville Brothers (3), DoMaJe (4) and  Steve Earle (5). It illustrates the main theme of the season while keeping the general mood of the show going.

4. Luther – Paradise Circus, Massive Attack (2010)

Sleek and intriguing, a nice introduction to Luther’s life.

5. Vikings – If I Had A Heart, Fever Ray (2009)

A little foreboding but it sets the right mood for the show.

6. Underbelly – It’s A Jungle Out There, Burkhard Dallwitz (2008)

Catchy and to the point.

7. CSI – Who Are You, The Who (1978)

The song is a good oldie and an apt theme for the show.


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