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Great use of a pop culture reference



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Monsters University

Director:  Dan Scanlon, Main Cast:  Billy CrystalJohn GoodmanSteve BuscemiHelen Mirren;


How Mike and Sulley became the best scarer team at Monsters Inc.? Well, this prequel tells you how it happened. This time the focus is more on Mike, who grows up with a dream: be the best scarer ever! To do that he enrolls at MU and there meets Sulley, who comes from a long line of scarers and behaves like a jerk. We get the college experience with monster flavour, including the underdog team of outsiders (the OK fraternity). The duo is not yet what we are used to. They get into troubles, they try hard and, after failing in school, they find themselves and each other.Plenty of humor and flawless animation, nice to hear again Crystal and Goodman as the main characters and Helen Mirren is a great addition. Fun to watch and a positive manifesto for dropouts. —7/10

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