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The usual suspects

Here’s something fun I came up with as answer to John’s new challenge: Crime Cast-A-Thon! You can check his post for the details (and rules) but long story short you need to put together a crew of expert criminals to steal the Maltese Falcon, which has been recently discovered and will be displayed at the MacGuffin Museum of Ancient Artifacts. maltese-falcon


After long pondering and evaluating strengths and weaknesses, here is my dream team of criminals to pull this heist.

Aisha is resourceful, smart, charming and deadly. Her attention to details happily complements her ability to see the big picture and plan ahead, which makes her the perfect choice to be the brain of the operation.


Every leader needs a capable right hand who keeps track of who is doing what and makes sure everything goes smoothly. Rusty is the man for the job bringing to the table his smooth-talker skills and his ability to read people.


In this day and age, you cannot plan a heist without a IT expert but why choose your average brilliant nerd when you can have Mai Linh who’s not only tech savvy but has mad fighting skills!


Organising a “job” always requires all kinds of materials, devices and vehicles so who better than Red to provide anything the crew might need? If he can do it in jail he will thrive in the free world.


A mind for business and a body for sin, con-artist extraordinaire and perfect lure Sydney Prosser will charm your wallet, bank account, personal passwords or whatever she needs out of you… with style.


Last but not least, a wheel man with unparalleled skills, steel nerves and good in a tight spot: the Driver. He goes like the wind and he never gets caught, plus he can keep his mouth shut.



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Olympus Has Fallen

Director: Antoine Fuqua, Main Cast: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman

Watching films requires willing suspension of disbelief, and action movies require quite a lot but…really?!? All the secret service agents of the White House are that dumb? And, moreover, they are swatted like flies so our hero can be the only one left standing and save the President, his son and the country…from the evil Korean mastermind (since the glasnost they are the new “evil empire”), whose plan has so many flaws that I don’t know where to begin. Antoine Fuqua had already a spotted record and this doesn’t help at all in my book. Watch Die Hard instead. —2/10

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