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The Madness of King George

Director: Nicholas Hytner, Main Cast: Nigel HawthorneHelen MirrenIan HolmRupert GravesRupert EverettJulian Wadham

For my regular dose of period drama I’ve watched this film again and it does not disappoint! Witty dialogues, lavish sets and costumes, engaging plot and brilliant actors, what more can one ask? The film tells the story of the first episode of “mental illness” of George III of England (suspected later by historians to be due to porphyria, a blood disorder). While the king slowly loses his marbles, we see how mister Pitt (the PM) and his political allies struggle to maintain a hold onto power and the Prince of Wales conspires with the leader of the opposition to promote a bill that nominates him Regent. The Queen has been forbidden to see her husband but manages to recommend a “specialist” in mental disorders to Mr. Pitt to help the King. Who finally recovers after months of “therapy” and retake is rightful place as the head of the state. Interesting parable about the perception of where the power is and where really lies.  Captivating–8/10

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