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Villainous lines series



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Villainous lines series



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Sound & Motion Pictures: TV-shows titles part 2

Here is the second part of my post dedicated to TV-show titles and their music. This time around the songs are just instrumental, generally written for the show. Once more, these are my favorite opening credits.

1. Mad Men – A Beautiful Mine, RJD2

Stylish and sophisticated as the show.

2. Magic City

The intro song of this show created a controversy since, for season 1, they used an unauthorized version of Henry Mancini’s Lujon, which is beautiful and mixes well the sixties’ atmosphere with Miami settings (watch from 1:03).

To avoid legal battle, they used a song by Daniele Luppi in season 2, which is still intriguing but with more of a Bond flair.

3. Boardwalk Empire – Straight Up And Down, The Brian Jonestown Massacre

A quite smoke on the beach thinking about the business…

4. Southland – Canção do Mar, Dulce Pontes

Fado and seppia images are an effective and  inspired choice.

5. Hannibal – theme by Brian Reitzell

This one is a little macabre but also mesmerizing.

6. Six Feet Under – theme by Thomas Newman

A weird mix of otherworldly and morbid.

7. Dexter – theme by Adam Ben Ezra

The morning routine of a serial killer… it says it all!

8. The Killing (US) – We Fell To Earth, Frank Bak

Melancholic and forlorn, like a day in November in the Pacific Northwest.

9. House of Cards – theme by Jeff Beal

Foreboding, perfect intro to the games of the mighty and powerful.

10. Sherlock – theme by David Arnold

Upbeat and bursting of energy like Sherlock on a case.


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