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Girls (season 2)

Main Cast: Lena DunhamAllison WilliamsJemima KirkeZosia MametAdam DriverAlex KarpovskyChristopher AbbottAndrew Rannells;


The adventures and mishaps of Hanna and her friends continue (here is my review of season 1, in case you missed it). Since the very first scene we can see that, this time around, Girls is more about boys. Not only as friends, boyfriends or ex-boyfriends of the girls in question but also as characters in their own right. We see how Adam (Driver), Hanna’s former boyfriend, reacts to heartache and is more peculiar than ever. Charlie (Abbott), after breaking up with Marnie, bounces back pretty nicely and his friend Ray (Karpovsky), cynic and rather jaded, finally falls for a girl. Hanna’s life seems back on track: getting along splendidly with her new roommate Elijah (Rannells), a new boyfriend and a job as writer, everything is rainbows and puppies. On the other hand Marnie has fallen, rather spectacularly, to pieces: no more ideal job, no more boyfriend and no more great expectations. Jenna, while breezing carefree through her days, still exuding charisma, has found her focus or so it appears. Shoshanna finally feels like a grown-up with a proper boyfriend, Ray. The set-up is for meaningful character development but that’s not the life of twenty-something girls, at least according to Dunham. The evolution is more a devolution and we witness the downward spiral of our heroines, their attempts to solve messy situations land them, more often than not, into more predicaments. Moreover they show signs of borderline mental disorder, Hanna most of all, and it is a little disconcerting. Watching episode after episode is similar to the morbid fascination of looking at a car crash: you know you shouldn’t but you can’t help yourself.  Baffling but addicting —6.5/10

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Girls (season 1)

Main Cast: Lena DunhamAllison WilliamsJemima KirkeZosia Mamet;


The stories of four girls in their early twenties living in New York City: Hanna and her roommate Marnie, Jenna and her cousin Shoshanna. We follow their everyday life and their struggles with work and relationships. Hanna (Dunham) is self-deprecating, aspiring writer but she has to face the dullness of regular job in order to pay her bills. She tries to live as much as possible in order to have lots of material for her stories but she ends up, more often than not, in weir/ridiculous situations that only increase her self-loathing. She also aspires to a nice boyfriend but she seems not to want to make an effort into building a proper relationship, she is “dating” Adam, a free spirit with a very unconventional uptake on life.  Marnie (Williams) is quite the opposite of Hanna, she is an assistant in an art gallery, first rung on the ladder of her dream career, she has a long-term boyfriend Charlie and she has got her act together, or at least it looks like that at the beginning. Jenna (Kirke) is beautiful, charismatic with a bohemian life-style and a penchant for making the world revolve around her. Shoshanna (Mamet) is still in college and she seems conflicted between being a serious, responsible girl or being glamorous a la Sex and the City. Director/writer Lena Dunham has a knack for making messed-up, disagreeable characters rather likable, so much that following the (mis-)adventures of these girls is quite addictive, I’m curious to see what comes next. —6.5/10

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