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Sound & Motion Pictures: best James Bond opening credits

Focusing again on great songs/titles combinations, what is more iconic than James Bond’s films? All the songs has been written for the film, usually with the same title, and, especially in the last couple of decades, by famous artists. This is my top five.  Honourable mention for: Live And Let Die (Paul McCartney & The Wings), View To A Kill (Duran Duran) and Thunderball (Tom Jones).

1. Goldeneye – Goldeneye, Tina Turner (1995)

Nothing beats Tina’s voice!

2. Casino Royale – You Know My Name, Chris Cornell (2006)

Speaking of voices, I always had a thing for Chris’ and rock just makes it better.

3. Skyfall – Skyfall, Adele (2012)

Hauntingly beautiful.

4. The World Is Not Enough – The World Is Not Enough, Garbage (1999)

The film was kind of crappy but the intro with Shirley Manson & Co. is great.

5. Tomorrow Never Dies – Tomorrow Never Dies, Sheryl Crowe (1997)

Not a big fan of this film either but the song is pretty amazing.


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La vie d’Adele

Director:  Abdellatif Kechiche, Main Cast: Léa SeydouxAdèle Exarchopoulos

We witness how Adele (Adele Exarchopoulos) grows from a teenager into a young woman, discovering her interest and then passion for Emma (Lea Seydoux), an art student and a painter few years older than her. The story is captivating and both actresses give a convincing portrayal of their characters. The director uses the visual medium very effectively to showcase all Adele’s different social interactions, with her high school classmates, at the gay bar, at the family dinners, with Emma’s friends and, of course, with Emma herself. We sympathise and empathise with Adele. We watch her inner monologues and struggles when, after jumping into a situation without really thinking (with quite some courage, I must say), she has a “now what?” moment. I have some issues with the editing: some cuts are too abrupt and some scene are too long or plainly unnecessary to the narrative (e.g. sleeping scenes in the second half of the movie). With regard to the sex scenes, I get the burning passion but, after a while, it seems a mere voyeuristic exercise and odd, silly things start to pop in my mind…like…”aren’t they cold after spending so much time naked?” Or “their esthetician is very good but they must be spending gazillions of euros on waxing”, probably not what the director had in mind. Anyway, these might be considered minor flaws. Beguiling —7.5/10

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