Sound & Motion Pictures: great villainous entrances

Great villains are even better and far more memorable with an iconic theme. This is a list of my favorite entrances of Big Bad with amazing personalised soundtrack.

1. Jaws – theme by John Williams (1975)

Two notes by John Williams and you get a panic-inducing appearance of a “sea monster”. We need a bigger boat!


2. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Imperial March by John Williams (1983)

Again John Williams works his magic and make the arrival of evil personified in the Star Wars saga foreboding and menacing. Such anger, young Skywalker.


3. Once Upon a Time In the West – Man with The Harmonica, Ennio Morricone (1968)

Dusters flapping in the wind, the bad guys show themselves like the four horsemen (after killing a whole family) and then do one more heinous act. All this happens to the unforgettable sound of Morricone’s music.


4.The Third Man – Harry Lime theme by Anton Karas (1949)

A nice contrast between the darkeness of the scene and a happy and light music, it makes for a truly iconic introduction!


5. The Departed – Gimme Shelter, The Rolling Stone (1969)

Scorsese really likes Gimme Shelter, I think he uses it in another couple of films as well. Anyway Nicholson’s monologue and walk to the notes of the Stones is awesome.


Bonus for a laugh:

Face/Off – Hallelujah from the Messiah, George F. Handel (1742)

John Woo gives us Handel, white doves and a manic Nick Cage in an over-the-top scene. He’s dressed like a priest and gropes a choir girl…evil!


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11 responses to “Sound & Motion Pictures: great villainous entrances

  1. Bwah! Nic Cage in Face/Off! The movie is whacked out of its mind. What was Cage on in this scene? Nice list! Good to see Third Man up there!

  2. jmount43

    Scorsese used Gimme Shelter in Goodfellas and Casino, also. Oddly enough I don’t see it listed in the credits for Shine a Light, the Stones concert film directed by Scorsese.

    • Thanks for telling me! I was almost sure about Goodfellas but I didn’t remember the other one… and I was too lazy to check 😉
      Definitely odd about Shine a Light.

  3. Great list! That reverse-zoom-dolly shot of Chief Brody in Jaws is such an iconic moment.

  4. Lovely post, my favorite would have to be Jack Nicholson’s monologue from The Departed with Gimme Shelter playing in the back. Pure Martin Scorsese.

  5. Nicola

    How, how HOW could you forget the BEST villain entrance of all time? Shame on you!

    • well, maybe because I never saw him as a villain, just a misunderstood anti-hero or mad genius… he did made a man in only 7 days 🙂

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