Sound & Motion Pictures: TV shows nostalgia 2

Time for another trip down memory lane, this one is back to the seventies. The following intros are from some of my favorite shows of that period (again in chronological order).

M.A.S.H. – Suicide is Painless, Johnny Mandel (1970)

Humour in wartime and Alan Alda: great way to pass the time. The theme brings back so many memories. (The actual song starts at 1:08 of the video)

Kung Fu –  theme by Jim Helms (1972)

Wandering the American West and relying only on your fighting skills still feel pretty awesome, but never forget: patience grasshopper!

Happy Days – theme by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox (1974)

What’s cooler than being cool? The Fonz, of course!

Starsky & Hutch –  Gotcha,  Tom Scott (1975)

Well, for many year a Ford Gran Torino (red with a white swoosh, clearly) has been my favorite car. Clint Eastwood might agree, even if not with the colour preference.

Streets of San Francisco – theme by Patrick Williams (1976)

I was used to a regular dose of car chases on up and down the hills of San Francisco… kind of Bullitt on a low budget.

Charlie’s Angels – theme by Dominik Hauser (1976)

The first time I saw ladies taking the lead and kicking some asses, without ruining their fabulous hairdos I might add.


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10 responses to “Sound & Motion Pictures: TV shows nostalgia 2

  1. jmount43

    This reminds of the theme for Baretta-Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow as sung by Sammy Davis, Jr. Excellent post.

  2. I’m a die-hard fan of Starsky & Hutch. Have the DVD box set and watch it often. Great post!

  3. Haha I love Charlie’s Angels! But the difference between TV reruns and DVDs is that the DVD sound quality is better while on TV the music and sound is louder and the voices (especially Farrah) are quieter.

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