Directors:  Chris BuckJennifer Lee, Main Cast (voice): Kristen BellJosh GadIdina Menzel

Repeating the winning formula of Tangled (and ransacking one of Andersen’s story this time for inspiration), we watch the tribulations of an heroine, Anna,  who’s (overly)-optimistic, endearingly goofy and naive but also determined and courageous. With the help of Kristof and his faithful reindeer Sven, she needs to save her sister Elsa, who has magic freezing powers and has brought a perpetual winter in their fair kingdom of Arendelle. After adventure and betrayal, of course, amor omnia vincit but, for once, not as expected. As comic relief the snowman Olaf is the best I have seen in a very long time in a Disney movie, it almost makes worth watching this film just for him. However I still do not appreciated some hidden messages Disney sends to girls: Elsa finally is free to use her powers and suddenly she wears a flimsy, sexy evening gown and high heel…which are very impractical in the snow even if you don’t feel the cold…Well, still a bit sexist as a message, why can they come up with something better to depict strong women who accept who they are? Anyway it is entertaining —6.5/10

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