La Marche

Director: Nabil Ben Yadir, Main Cast:  Olivier GourmetTewfik JallabVincent RottiersM’Barek BelkoukNader BoussandelLubna AzabalHafsia HerziCharlotte Lebon

Set in the autumn of 1983 and inspired by true events, this film tells the story of a non-violent protest against racism in France. Tired and frustrated by yet another act of random violence towards Maghrebi immigrants committed by policemen, a group of friends decide to take action. They organise a march through France to raise awareness about the widespread racial prejudice and to fight against discrimination. At the very beginning they are joined by four other people, complete strangers that believe like them in non-violent demonstrations. Along the way they become a tight-knit group and meet rabid racists, more moderate opposers and enthusiastic supporters. They walk in good or foul weather, reaching small town and cities alike, to spread their message. Their final destination is Paris, where thousands of people join them in an historic rally on the 3rd of December 1983. The film is a very nice mix of drama and comedy, well balanced and never dull. It avoids cliches and easy tropes. The actors are not only excellent in their respective roles but have also great chemistry, which makes the best part of the film. Heartwarming and engrossing. —9/10

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