Thor: The Dark World

Director: Alan Taylor, Main Cast: Chris HemsworthNatalie PortmanTom HiddlestonAnthony HopkinsIdris ElbaKat DenningsStellan SkarsgårdJaimie Alexander

This is one of the rare cases in which the sequel is better than the original movie (which has been made only, I suspect, to be sure that the non-geek crowd would recognise the blonde guy in the Avengers). The quality of the film is mostly due to the fact that there is more humor and that Loki is a scene stealer. Tom Hiddleston is brilliant as Loki, showing many layers within what was meant to be a clean-cut villain. This time Thor must fight to save not only Earth but his beloved Jane, his home world and the universe itself from the evil elves and never-ending darkness. To do so he must defy his father and ally with his untrustworthy brother, who uses his tricks to help him but also to pursuit his own machiavellian plan. Can Loki truly redeem himself or will he finally show his true colours? It’s easier to relate to him because he is conflicted, flawed and very human… for a god. Chris Hemsworth does a better job this time around as Thor, a more well-rounded performance and less super-buff caricature. Natalie Portman comes back as Jane Foster and she is unwittingly responsible of discovering the ultimate evil… why scientists are always held responsible for bringing doom to the planet? Hollywood seems to love that! And for the record: an astrophysicist is perfectly able to change her phone’s ringtone. Poor Stellan Skarsgard is relegate to comic relief alongside Kat Dennings. Anyway the film is very entertaining, with plenty of action and effective special effects. The 3D doesn’t add anything, as it is the case most of the time, but, at least, it’s not distracting or disturbing. Well done, let’s see what will come next! —6.5/10


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2 responses to “Thor: The Dark World

  1. I also don’t understand why scientists are always the cause of bringing planetary peril. There are non-scientific explorers, too, you know! And if that fails, there’s always the unwitting child.

    • Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who noticed this smearing campaign against scientists! Gravity is another movie that seems to sustain the theory that astrophysicists are morons… not nice at all Hollywood!

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