Get Low

Director: Aaron Schneider, Main Cast: Robert DuvallBill MurraySissy SpacekLucas Black

Inspired by a true story of a Tennessee hermit in the 1930s. Robert Duvall is Felix Bush, who has been living by himself in the woods for 40 years, and one day decides to have a “funeral party” while he is still in this world. He wants to invite all the town and hear people telling the stories and rumors that circulate about him. Bill Murray is the owner of the local funeral parlor who is in financial difficulties and who agrees to organise the funeral party for Felix after seeing his big wad of cash. Lucas Black is the honest and kind clerk at the funeral parlor. To pique the interest of the townsfolk and ensure a good turnout, they publicize the party through flyers, radio and a lottery with Bush’s property as a prize (after his death). We slowly find out that the real plan is for Felix to finally tell his story and the reason of his self-imposed reclusion, in which is somehow involved Mattie (Sissy Spacek) and her deceased sister Mary Lee. Robert Duvall’s performance is seamless and very convincing (I would expect no less from him!) and Bill Murray is…well…Bill Murray, just priceless! Something different with a nice Southern atmosphere. —7/10

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