Director:  Ron Howard, Main Cast: Daniel BrühlChris HemsworthOlivia WildePierfrancesco Favino

The golden age of F1 and the rivalry between two pilots: James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The film follows the story of both men through the years from their early days in F3 up until 1976, the faithful year of Niki Lauda’s accident and his epic comeback.  The latter is what Howard really loves: the hero falls and then he raises again, usually against all odds. Chris Hemsworth is, of course, the charming, hothead rogue while Daniel Bruehl is the meticulous, driven (pun intended), reserved type. They both do a good portrayal of the characters and their “frenmity”. The cinematography and the editing of the racing scenes are effective and compelling. The use of vintage cars and the over-saturated colours convey the Seventies’ look and feel very well. Nostalgic and entertaining —7/10

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